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Greetings from EZInterviews. Please take the time to carefully read the Terms of Service (hereafter, “Agreement”). You confirm that you accept this agreement by using the EZInterviews marketplace service. 

EZInterviews (“we,” “us,” or “Company”) and you are parties to this “Terms of Service” agreement. The EZInterviews website, currently accessible at https://www.ezinterviews.io/ (hence “site” or “website”), is subject to this agreement. The site, the app, and any other related content made available through either of the aforementioned offers are all subject to this agreement. Any and all other terms and conditions made accessible to users through our services or by the company are further incorporated by reference into this agreement. Included in this agreement is an obligatory clause for arbitration, which as further noted below, compels the use of arbitration for dispute resolution on an individual basis rather than class actions, jury, trials, and legal processes. 


This Agreement may be periodically amended. Changes to this agreement can be conveyed to you in a variety of ways, including amendments to the agreement itself. Any and all such modifications will not apply to disputes between us and you that arose prior to the date on which the modified agreement is posted or the date on which you were otherwise informed of the amendments. 

If you continue to use our service after such modifications have been implemented, it is assumed that you accept the modified agreement. The “Last Updated” index above or below the agreement will let you know when the agreement was updated.  

We reserve the right to alter or terminate the Service in whole or in part at any time, without notice or responsibility, and at our sole discretion. We may also waive, amend, or adjust the fee for using our marketplace service or offer chances to some or all service users (sellers and/or buyers), depending on what the company deems necessary. 

Information Sent Via the Service  

Your information submission to and use of the service are governed by the company’s Privacy Policy. You are the representative of your data, and you guarantee that all information you disclose in connection with the service, including contributions like “Answering the questions” (and others like it), is valid now and will remain so in the future. Additionally, you agree to be accountable for updating and maintaining the data as necessary. 

Issues Concerning Jurisdiction  

Unless the service is made available for use inside non-U.S. and non-Indian territories or nations, the company’s operation and control are both carried out from within the United States and India, and it is not the company’s desire to be subject to non-U.S. or non-Indian laws and jurisdiction. You use the service at your own risk, and while doing so, you are always required to abide by all applicable laws and regulations. The company may impose restrictions on the scope and availability of the service, either for a specific entity or for all users, in whole or in part, in one or more jurisdictions or regions that it deems appropriate. 

User Names, Passwords & Registration  

It might be necessary to register in order to utilise some or all of our services. We reserve the right to decline your registration or ask you to tweak your username, password, or other details. Please keep in mind that your username and password are exclusively for your own personal use and must always be kept private. Any confidentiality breach or unauthorised use of your login information or service account is totally your responsibility. You give us permission and authorization to collect, use, and store certain registration-specific information in line with our privacy policy if you register with our service using a social media account. 

Forums and Profiles  

On profile pages and in interactive sections of EZInterviews including forums, message boards, commenting, chatting, and other communication functionalities, users or services can publish specific “submissions” to the public. The company has no control over and assumes no liability for the consequences of any misuse or improper distribution of such submissions. If you decide to provide your personally identifiable information or any other information, you do so entirely at your own risk and judgement. Users of the site may share information of their own free will, and EZInterviews is not obligated by law or morality to protect that information. 


The ownership of your submissions rests with you. For every such submission that you make, you grant to us a fully paid-up, royalty free, non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, sublicensable, transferable license. Such license will be without any additional consideration made to you or any third party to distribute, perform, reproduce, and display (either publicly or in other ways), modify, adapt, create derivative works of and use, exploit and analyze such submissions in media or format types hereafter known or developed for one or more purposes, which may include testimonials as well.  

In addition to these, if you provide to us any ‘Feedback” in the form of suggestions, proposals and ideas, the company will treat such Feedback as a submission. You agree and acknowledge that such feedback is not to be treated as confidential. The supply of such feedback is unsolicited, restriction-free and does not place the company under any fiduciary or other obligations.  

You issue both warranty and representation that you are the sole owner of necessary rights for granting licenses in the section. Thereof, you imply that any of your Submissions in connection or through the Service are not fraudulent, accurate, complete and not in violation of applicable laws or third parties. Further, you waive off all “moral” and other rights in regards to the attribution of integrity or authorship of the materials which form the part of Submissions that you might bear under any legal theory or applicable law.        


Monitoring, evaluation, alteration or removal of submissions are not obligations of EZInterviews. However, EZInterviews might, at its own accord, choose to carry out one or a combination of these. The Company might choose to disclose access and usage-specific information, while the purpose and reason that surround these usage and access divulges fall under our sole discretion.      

Proprietary Rights of the Company  

EZInterviews along with its suppliers are the owners of the Service. The Service is protected by proprietary laws and rights. The Company’s trade names, trademarks and marks of service include EZInterviews and all associated logos and brand identity collaterals. Every trademark, trade name, logos and service marks on the service that are not expressly our properties are the property of their respective owners.  

You must not use the trade names, service marks, logos and trademarks pertaining to any service or product that does not belong to us, in any manner, whether real or perceived that might be the cause of confusion. Nothing that is included in the service should be considered to qualify as granting rights to use trademarks, trade names, logos or service marks without the express, written and prior consent of the present or future owner(s).  

Links & Third-Party Materials  

Some service functionalities may grant the availability of access to products, services, information and additional materials which are made available by third parties, who may or may not be the express owners of said materials. Such submissions and materials qualify as “Third Party Materials” and make allowances for transmission re-routing of any third party transmissions through different ways including through links.  

EZInterviews neither endorses nor controls any third-party materials. No part of this Agreement is representative of a warranty by the Company which is respective of any third party Materials. We are in no way obliged to monitor such Third-party Materials through our Service at any given point of time. Moreover, the availability of Third-Party Material or postings through the EZInterviews Service does not imply that we endorse or are affiliated with such materials or the suppliers/owners of such materials.  

You use Third party materials at your own risk. Use of such materials is subject to all additional terms and conditions applicable to such third party materials (including the privacy policies and terms and conditions of the providers of the third party materials).     


All contests, sweepstakes, surveys, raffles, games or other similar promotions (collectively called “promotions”) which have been made available through the service are governed by the regulations and laws that are separately drafted from this Agreement. In case you participate in any such promotions, please be sure to review all applicable rules as well as our Privacy Policy. In case one or more rules of the promotion are in conflict with this Agreement, the exclusive promotion rules shall be considered governing. 


To the maximum degree and as permitted by applicable laws:  

  1. The EZInterviews Service as well as third party materials are made available on a “where is”, “as is” and “wherever available” model. The availability is free from warranties of any kind from the company, be it statutory, express or even implied.  
  2. All warranties pertaining to the Service are disclaimed by the Company and any third-party material or products including warranties of fitness and merchantability for specific purposes, title and non-infringement. Disclaimers of all kinds (including the ones mentioned in this section and at other places in the Agreement) have been created for the benefit of the Company, its shareholders, affiliates, directors, employees, officers, representatives, agents, licensors, service providers and suppliers. Collectively, these form the “Affiliated Entities”. These benefits pass down to the respective successors and assign of the Affiliated Entities.     

We make every attempt to maintain the security, integrity and timeliness of Service. But we do not guarantee that the Service will continue to stay wholesome, updated, secure or accurate or uninterrupted at all points in time. It is possible that the Service will come with errors, inaccuracies and certain materials in conflict with this Agreement. In addition, third parties can also make alterations to the service that are unauthorized.  

Limited Liability  

To the maximum degree and as permitted by applicable laws:  

  1. The company will not be liable for any incidental, indirect, consequential, special, punitive, exemplary damages of any manner, under contract or otherwise. This includes damages against profit loss, data or use, loss of intangibles, loss of submissions security (inclusive of unauthorized third-party intervention of submissions), even when informed in advance of such loss or damage possibilities.       
  2. If the foregoing is not limited, the Company will not bear any liability for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the Service from any transactions or products or transfers expressly related to products, or as such, any other third-party materials which may include virus which might be transmitted through such connections, including a dispute with one or more other users of the Service.   
  3. For all cases of dissatisfaction, you have the sole and abiding remedy of stopping use of the Service.  


As permitted under applicable law and to the largest extent possible, you agree that you will indemnify, defend, and hold innocent and harmless the company and the affiliated entities along with their respective successors and assigns against and from all liabilities, claims, judgments, damages, costs, losses, awards, fees and expenses (including legal/attorney fees) incurred from (a) your use of the Service or your activities while using the service, (b) any product or product listing or transaction or transfers related to products, or disputes with other users of the Service and finally (c) any violation of the terms mentioned in this agreement. 


The validity of this agreement is effective unless expressly terminated by the Company. The company may suspend or terminate your ability to use the service at any time and without issuing a prior notice including events where the company believes that you have not acted within, violated or been inconsistent with the spirit and letter of this agreement.  

In the event of any such suspension or termination, you will immediately lose your right to use the service. In addition, the company reserves the right to, without liability to any third party or to you, revoke access from any of your associated devices from using the Service and deactivate and delete your password, username and account along with all other associated materials in the absence of obligations of any manner to provide access (whether limited or exclusive) to any such material. The sections 2, 3, 9, 12, 13 and 15-25 shall be effective even past the expiration or termination of this agreement.     


No part of this Agreement shall be construed to or be surmised as a joint venture, partnership, agency, franchisor-franchisee, employer-employee between the Company and yourself. In case any part of this Agreement is in violation of applicable law, or void for reasons unenforceable, such provision will be deemed severed from the Agreement, without affecting any other provision or part of the agreement. You might not transfer, sublicense or assign any of your obligations or rights under this Agreement without any restriction. Waivers issued by either party breach or default under this Agreement will be considered as a waiver of any subsequent or preceding default or breach. All captions, section titles and headings included herein are for the sole purpose of convenience and are in no manner explanatory of the provision or section. Every term used in the singular have the same connotation when they are used in the plural unless expressly specified as otherwise. Wherever the terms “inclusive of” or “including” are used, it shall be construed that they are followed by the additional term “without limitation.” This Agreement and all terms and conditions incorporated within the terms and conditions included within this, constitutes the entire agreement between the Company and you and relates to the subject matter included within and extends beyond all other understandings and agreements either contemporary or incumbent between the Company and you in relation to matters on the same subjects. Notices sent by the Company to you (including but without limitation to notices of changes introduced in this Agreement) can be issued through postings in the Service or through emails (which include relevant links to said changes) or through regular mail. Without any incumbent or contemporary limitation, a version of this Agreement in print and of all notices shared in electronic form shall be considered admissible and valid in administrative or judicial proceedings based upon or in relation to this Agreement. The company will not take any responsibility as far as failing to fulfill an obligation arising out of a cause beyond the control of the company.

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